Primavista Long Keep Base UV; Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover

In light of some of my friends going home to Asia for the holidays and getting their annual haul of products, I wanted to feature a set of go-tos so that they can be included on the shopping list!

Last winter, after much research on @cosme (the Japanese authority in cosmetic product reviews) and spending hours in their store dragging a store attendant around with me, I finally found a makeup base routine that worked for me.

Step 1. Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover (Shiseido)
My pores are huge. Huge. Gigantour. What good is foundation, if I have craters causing shadowing and unevenness in my skin? The Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover is literally like spackle. You scrape up a bit of the solid product and rub it into the problematic areas to fill them in. What I love about this (and the product below) is that it doesn’t feel like there’s anything on my face. It’s extremely comfortable and doesn’t budge throughout the day. It has an SPF 10, PA+ that is practically negligible, but a nice-to-have.


Step 2. Primavista Long Keep Base UV (Sofina)
This is a true gem-of-a-product. It recently received accolades as a hall-of-fame product on the aforementioned @cosme website (received #1 makeup base in 2011 & 2012), which is telling to the performance of the product. The Primavista Long Keep Base UV is a shaka-shaka formulation (shaka-shaka is the onomatopoeia in Japanese for when something is shaken). It’s very thin and the product separates, so there’s a ball inside the bottle to help with homogenizing the formula before use. I was skeptical when I first started using this product – it’s thin, felt very watery, and has no color payoff. Is this really going to do anything for my foundation? I LOVE this stuff. Whatever you apply after, it stays put all day. And because of the thin texture, it really feels like nothing on your skin. I sometimes put the Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover + this and a finishing powder on and skip the foundation all together for a natural finish. With an SPF 20, PA++ it’s a star formula in one teeny bottle.


My friend from college, who is an expert beauty blogger, put up her make up base and foundation reviews on her site. I’m going to have to try her routine out, too, since she has flawless skin!


p.s. Since these products are from Japan, I had a difficult time finding links that you could purchase these from the US. I can’t vouch for either site/seller.


One thought on “Primavista Long Keep Base UV; Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover

  1. So intrigued by these products you’ve reviewed! I have exactly the same problems with huge facial pores and oily skin that makes it impossible for my make-up to stay flawless. Would you recommend both products? How effective is the Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover? Have you heard of The Face Shop’s Face It Oil Cut Pore Balm? Are they comparable? Thank you so much! I can’t even recall how I stumbled upon your blog but I really like the selection of products you feature. It makes for a good read! :)

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