MAC Blot Powder

During the winter, my T-zone is still on full blast producing sebum (it never takes a break). I used to use those oil absorbing sheets, but I didn’t feel like they were remedying the situation by just letting my pores become oily without anything to suppress it.

Enter, MAC Blot Powder. I have gone through a case of these (when I like something, it’s very hard to convince me to switch)! I use medium-dark all year round. It comes in 5 shades and medium-dark is in the middle of the range. The pigment load in this pressed powder is very minimal, so whether you’re wearing it alone or over foundation, it blends well with the color underneath. It absorbs the oil well, looks natural, and doesn’t cake during reapplication of the powder in the middle of the day (an absolute must!).

I simply use the compact powder puff that comes with it, and swipe/blot it over my face. I’m not particularly happy with the texture of the puff, but it does the job so I continue to use it. I also keep a stock of extra puffs and go through 2 ~ 3 puffs with one compact (I tried cleaning the puff once, and it fell apart so I just replace them as they get old).

I bring my Blot Powder around, especially if I know I’m going out after work or going on the plane. It’s such an easy solution to such an annoying problem that I’ve suffered with my entire life. If you have an oily T-zone, you have to try this!



3 thoughts on “MAC Blot Powder

    • I’ve gone through so many matti flying moisturizers, too, and I’m not convinced either. There’s some level of matteness that can be achieved at initial application, but it’s difficult to have the level of oil absorbing/adsorbing ingredients that can be in a lotion product versus a pressed powder. Hurray, Blot Powder!

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