Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler; Koji Accent Curler

I’ve mentioned in a past post that I use 2 eyelash curlers. Yup, both Every. Single. Day. The main one that I use is the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. The rubber cushion on it is great and I’m able to crimp my lashes in 3~4 increments from root-to-tip flawlessly. I’ve owned this curler for over 5 years and I’ve changed the rubber cushion on it just once. My eye shape, though, doesn’t allow for the curler to go from one end to the other end completely. The lashes by  either ends of my eye is always left behind and the Shu curler isn’t able to reach them.

That’s where the Koji Accent Curler comes in. I use the No.100 accent curler and it is super easy to get to the stray lashes that didn’t get the crimping treatment from the Shu curler. It gets right into the difficult corners of the eye area and is easy to maneuver.

Both eyelash curlers have been thrown around in my cramped tiny makeup bag and have traveled the world with me (getting smushed, especially when I’m trying to close my overflowing suitcases). They have both been extremely resilient to my abuse and I love both of them dearly <3




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