Argan Oils: Huilarome; Josie Maran

Happy new year! I’m starting a new year resolution in the realm of cosmetics, and this year I want/need/must use more oils for my skin. I’m noticing a lot of changes on my skin in my 30’s, and oils seem to be part of the solution.

Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil is one of the more well-known products in skin care, and catapulted the argan oils to beauty fame. I bought a small bottle of it in the summer, and it was a little too greasy for the season. But now with the dry winter season, my skin is accepting the oil.

The bottle to the left in the picture below was purchased on my trip to Morocco in September. Huilarome was a brand that the owner of our riad (= hotels in Morocco) recommended. Argan oil is produced in Morocco and they are as pure and fresh as they can get!

I only use the oil in the evenings, as my last step in my skin care regimen (cleanser, toner/lotion, serum, cream, and finally the oil). The next morning, my skin feels uber supple and renewed.



2 thoughts on “Argan Oils: Huilarome; Josie Maran

  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, C! I love this new years resolution of yours. I’m totally on the same page, I just ordered some castor oil and almond oil to try out. I also love argan oil for me hair. I’m going to have my parents pick up some Huilarome for me when they’re in Morocco next month. Thanks for this awesome post!

    • Happy new year, and thank you for the birthday wishes! How are the castor oils and almond oils working for you? I would love to know which products you picked up! Thank you so much for your continuous support, Melissa.

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