Elemis Cellutox Active Body Oil

Everyone has a different location in their body that harbors their daily stresses. Mine is definitely my shoulders. When I lived in China for work, I was surprised that there were body & foot massage places on every block (much like Starbucks in New York City). Each time I got a body massage, my shoulders were always tense and I would howl in pain when they would try to knead out the knots.

The tightness in my shoulders haven’t changed, and most recently, I experienced the pain again during my Elemis full body massage on a Disney Cruise trip. Lucy, my masseuse for the blissful hour of kneading out my knots, recommended a two-part regimen. The first part was the body brushing that I’ve posted here in the past.

The second part was the use of a few drops of the Cellutox Active Body Oil. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! Lucy said a few drops does wonders to both the shoulder aches and my cellulite. “Yea right” was my response and I didn’t buy it immediately because being the chemist that I am, I wanted to read up on it before making the purchase.

I was especially surprised to see that the majority of the product was made up of oils and extracts. Minus some fragrance components, the product had no (what we call) “foo-foo dust,” or ingredients that do nothing. The seabuckthorn / lemon / sea fennel / juniper combination drives the anti-oxidant, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory properties, and you feel the product working after your first application. I put this on at night before I go to bed – I warm a few drops by rubbing the oil between my palms before applying it on my shoulders and on areas where I see some cottage cheese rippling. The next morning, there’s a warmth that I feel in my shoulders that relieves some of the tightness. I have yet to see huuuuuge changes to my dimply thighs, but this will definitely take longer than a few applications for sure. A girl can hope, right? I also love the citrusy scent, and it helps me relax before I hit the sack.

I never was an aromatherapy person, but I’m starting to gravitate towards calming scents in my products – especially the ones I use at night. This product is definitely going to be a staple in my body care arsenal.