Elemis Spa At Home Body Brush

Have you ever had that one deep tissue massage that you wish never ended? One that was right by the ocean during vacation? Mine was at Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise Line’s private island. My BFF treated me to the best massage I’ve ever had. The staff for the cruise were trained by Elemis Spa, and it was what the doctor ordered for my tight shoulders and calves. They gave us a full questionnaire and chatted with us prior to the treatment so they knew what to look out for and to discuss any concerns.

After the treatment, Lucy, my masseuse, recommended that I body brush and use an antioxidant oil that would help with my trifecta of problems that I wanted to fix – dry skin, dull skin, and cellulite. I had heard of body brushing before, but was always skeptical. However, Lucy really convinced me that she knew what she was talking about (especially after giving me the best massage of my life!) and I went ahead and ordered the products (I’ll review the Cellutox Active Body Oil in a future post).

The body brush has really stiff cactus bristles and it’s definitely a little intimidating at first. I had to be really gentle the first couple times – it takes a little getting used to. I typically use it in the morning prior to showering, and it totally wakes you up! Body brushing gets your circulation going while exfoliating your skin. With the current concerns with polyethylene beads from exfoliating body washes and hand soaps washing into the oceans, this is a great alternative to buffing your skin. The boost of circulation at the surface of your skin helps to remove toxins in the dermis and epidermis quicker than when the skin is sedentary. Body brushing has also helped my lotion absorb quicker into the skin and my skin is brighter and more taut than before! I love it as part of my skin care regimen.







Incoco Nail Polish Appliqué

My nails suck! They’re brittle and dry, no matter the time of year. I can never grow them out long, and it’s really embarrassing to go to the nail salon with my short dry nails on full display. So when my mom called for me to bring back a bunch of these Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués from the US, I bought a couple for myself to see why she wanted these specific ones.

My mom had gotten a couple of samples from a nail salon that she recently found. She proudly showed me one of her nails via FaceTime and it was a pretty pink-to-white glittery gradation. She wanted a dozen different kinds, and I got a the ones pictured below for myself online: Mermaid Tale and Vanishing Act (shown on nails). They were super easy to put on – although I wish I were ambidextrous for a better application. The glitteryness is perfection, and the surface is very smooth. I kept these on without a top coat, and I quickly regretted it. Because of the imperfect application, there were areas around the edges of the nail bed that were prone to chipping the appliqué. Since I wash all my dishes by hand, one of them completely fell off after 30 minutes of constant dishwashing. If I had a dishwasher and top coat on my nails, the appliqué would’ve lasted longer (I don’t know if it will last the 14 days that it claims, but I will aim for that the next time!).

These are perfect for in between gel nail sessions, for when I don’t want to do them back-to-back and give my nails a chance to take a break from the UV light lamp abuse. I took them off today, and they were easy to remove with regular nail polish remover with acetone.



Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler; Koji Accent Curler

I’ve mentioned in a past post that I use 2 eyelash curlers. Yup, both Every. Single. Day. The main one that I use is the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. The rubber cushion on it is great and I’m able to crimp my lashes in 3~4 increments from root-to-tip flawlessly. I’ve owned this curler for over 5 years and I’ve changed the rubber cushion on it just once. My eye shape, though, doesn’t allow for the curler to go from one end to the other end completely. The lashes by  either ends of my eye is always left behind and the Shu curler isn’t able to reach them.

That’s where the Koji Accent Curler comes in. I use the No.100 accent curler and it is super easy to get to the stray lashes that didn’t get the crimping treatment from the Shu curler. It gets right into the difficult corners of the eye area and is easy to maneuver.

Both eyelash curlers have been thrown around in my cramped tiny makeup bag and have traveled the world with me (getting smushed, especially when I’m trying to close my overflowing suitcases). They have both been extremely resilient to my abuse and I love both of them dearly <3