Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash

I get the oddest looks when I say I use men’s body soap. Yep, I’ve been for around 8 years now and they’re the best in a morning shower. Body soap made for female consumers don’t generally contain any menthol and I crave that tingly, refreshing feeling and it helps me wake up.

I used to use a different brand before, but with the influx of products for men, there are more choices for me to choose from ;) I go through the Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash at a rate of a bottle/month. I’m not a fan of the lotion body washes due to the after feel. The lather and rinse-off for the Men+Care body wash is rich and quick, respectively, without that drying tightening sensation that comes from harsh soaps. Yes, I smell like a man for a good chunk of the morning because of it – and I kind of like it.