Hadalabo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Lotion (Moist)

My combination skin screams extremes during the winter. The U-zone is super dry and the T-zone is beyond oily. But just because the T-zone is oily, doesn’t mean that you don’t layer the moisturizers on your skin.

This product has been my first step after washing my face for about 15 bottles. There’s actually two versions of this product: light and moist. I switched from light to moist when I hit age 25 – man, that was a harsh reality that smacked me in the face. My skin drinks this lotion up! However, when I realized that no amount of the light version was enough, I switched to the moist and my skin is happy!

I use a few healthy drops with my bare hands (no cotton balls/rounds) and pat it on. The two types of hyaluronic acid that they use in this formula, along with the hydroxyethylcellulose give it the thicker-than-water texture. It allows for the formula to adhere and let the humectants work their way into the skin.

I actually used to have my mom ship bottles of this from Japan, but it’s great to see that Amazon and drugstore.com carries it now! No more having my dad schlep them over on his business trips, either. lol.